8th June 03 - National Gardens Scheme Open Day!

The day finally arrived. The weather HAD been awful with heavy rain all night. But it cleared up just before the gates opened at 11.00am and stayed rain free the whole day....except for a mini hurricane which hit at 3.30pm and blew the tea tent away.
In the end we had 350+ paying visitors plus countless kids. With the teas, we made 1410 + 300 from GiftAID = 1700 for such charities as MacMillan Cancer Relief. 
Many, many thanks to everyone who helped. in particular the tea ladies lead by Elizabeth and starring Molly, Mo and Heather. Mike and Georgina on the gate and David on parking. Many thanks as well to Paul Ryalls for his magnificent efforts in getting the garden to look so good on the day.

Queuing for the Teas Those Japanese tourists and their cameras get everywhere
The magnificent Teas Ladies...with some of their cakes! Mike and Georgina on the gate
Before the tent blew down Oh dear. All those cars. 

8th June 03

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