9th September 07

Another very pleasant Sunday. Used the opportunity to take some pictures of the woodland parts of the garden and onto the footpath (Greensand Way) which forms the lower boundary of our garden. 

The hanging baskets are looking great. In a 'normal' year they are looking tired by September.
The datura are wonderful right now
An unusual view of the 'shores' of the pond
That view again as we wind our way down through the garden
Almost at the bottom of the garden where the footpath is. You can see the many new trees I planted 6 years back - probably a bit too close together.
Our chestnut. The tallest tree in the garden! Soon the nuts will fall.
On the Greensand Way at the bottom of our garden
Horses at the bottom of the garden
The deep water alder swamp. An SSI.
Walking the Moor Park Heritage Trail along the banks of the River Wey - across the water meadows from the bottom of the garden.
How lucky am I to be able to do a walk like this on a lovely Sunday afternoon right from my own home?