27th March 10 - Rosthwaite and Great Crag

Although we have done parts of this walk before, we have never followed this exact route. It's about 5 miles and actually quite hard. It was up-down-up-down and scrambling most of the way. But views were wonderful and the sun came out at times too!

Route map from Leaney's site
View back to Rosthwaite as we climbed
Birkett Leap
A view over Watendlath from Puddingstone Bank (on max 12x zoom) This Leica lens is 'the business'!
On the ridge approaching Great Crag
Dock Tarn at about 1500ft
One of the many scrambles
Wonderful wall
Start of the descent at Lingy End. Gave me 'jelly legs'!
Stonethwaite Beck on way back