28th March 10 - Near Sawrey, Far Sawrey and Claife Heights

Parked at Hill Top car park and walked first to Esthwaite Water. Then back thru the woods to Far Sawrey and up  Claife Heights. Returned to Near Sawrey via Wise Eek and Moss Eccles Tarns. Around 6 miles. Not a drop of rain and some sunny bits.

Route map - my own this time!
Dub How Farm by Esthwaite
St Peter's Church in Town End
St Peter's stained glass window
Graveyard and cottages in Town End. Not a bad spot to end your days...
From the vicarage at Far Sawrey
From High Blind How
View over Belle Isle to the Ferry
Bowness Bay with my zoom. Those in the know can pick out our place!
Teal at 12x zoom as it approaches Bowness
Up Windermere towards Ambleside and Fairfield Horseshoe
Wise Eek Tarn