3rd Aug 10 - Bouth and Rusland

It was raining when we started and raining when we finished 7.5 miles later.

Started at Rusland Church and walked to Oxen Park, Colton, Bouth and through the bogs at Rusland.

Rusland Church where Arthur Ransome (author of Swallows and Amazons) is buried
Across some very wet meadows to the church at Colton. About the only time when the sun came out.
Entering the Nature Reserve at Rusland. Of course, Elizabeth got her wish - I'm here!
The duckboards in the bog. Most of the reeds were higher than us. We got lost and thought we might never get out. Particularly as many of the duckboards are now broken and the bog is pretty deep! Resorted to my compass as my satmap didn't work either. Scary!