23rd Sept 16 - Venice

Entered the lagoon at about 6.00am and glimpsed the Grand Canal as we went to the Terminal Dock. 

Then a boat trip to Murano and Burano. back to Venice for an expensive ice-cream in St Marks Sq.

Venice from our balcony at 6.00am as we arrive
Murano - Famous for its glass
The Leaning Tower of Burona. Apparently the largest 'lean' in Italy!
Burona is famous for its brightly coloured houses. The legend goes that the fisherman couldn't locate their own houses in the mist & fog that often descends on the Lagoon. So, to avoid the men folk entering the wrong houses,  their wives demanded that the houses were painted different colours...
Typical Venice
St Marks Sq
Ice creams in St Marks Sq never come cheap. Extra Euro 6 each for 'music'. The bill came to Euro 72!!! Worth every penny!