9 Oct 19 - Tokyo - Maglev, Mount Fuji and the Bullet train

Our guide, Sochiko, picked us up for the drive to Mount Fuji. On the way we stopped to see the Maglev test track. Maglev trains run at 500kph and are due to be fully operational between Tokyo and Osaka by 2027.

We then visited Mount Fuji before lunch in a traditional Japanese restaurant before catching the Bullet Train back to Tokyo.

I took this picture as the Maglev train emerged from the tunnel @ 500kph with a mighty roar.
This Maglev train didn't travel that fast!
Lovely Maglev train group shot
First sighting of Mt Fuji
 We drove up through the clouds thinking that we would never see Mt Fuji again,. Then we were above the clouds for this magnificent view!
Neil contemplates the route to the top of Mt Fuji
 Liquorice ice-cream at Station 5 on Mt Fuji
 Traditional Japanese DIY BBQ lunch. V good too!
Returning by Bullet Train which only manages 200kph!!