13th Oct 19 - Hakodate

Because of the Typhoon, the Captain of the Silver Muse headed north to Hakodate (we were due to go south to Osaka). We had a rough journey but obviously nothing like the awful conditions they had in Tokyo where many were killed.

Hakodate was, however, still very windy although the sun was out.

We went for a 4 mile walk around the town

The fish market. Never seen so many crabs and other crustaceans. 
The harbourside was lined with old redbrick warehouses. Now converted to shops. 
Sarah and me as samurais in one of the souvenir shops.
Steep road down to the harbour. You can just see Silver Muse in the distance. 
I can now appreciate the need for these Evacuation Instructions. Japan seems to suffer from multiple disasters.
Russian Orthodox Church
Loads of pretty flower-covered houses.
Inside the Korju-ji Temple
Loved these tiny Japanese cars!