15th Oct 19 - Maizuru

Docked at Maizuru. Went on excursion to the Myotsuji and Jinguji Temples

Silver Muse being nudged into the pier on a grey morning at Maizuru
This Smoking Area in a petrol station where we stopped for a 'Comfort Break' on the way.
Steep steps to climb up to Myotsuji Temple
The temple is thought to have been built in 806 by Sakanoue-no-Tamuramaro, the legendary 'Seii-Tai-Shogun'. The Main Hall and Three-storey Pagoda are designated as Japanese National Treasures.
The Three-Storey Pagoda 
The Main Hall. We went inside but were not allowed to take photos of the Buddha.
Bell at Myotsuji Temple
Preying Mantis
Jinguji Temple is famous for the Wakasa Water-Sending Ceremony held every year on March 2nd. Water in the upper-stream of the Onyu River, which flows south of the temple, is said to pass underground to Nara to become the scented water of the Wakasa Well at the Todaiji Temple's Nigatsudo Hall.
The Wakasa Well
Drive back along the coast. Although it had started to rain by then