17th Feb. 04 - Lakeside, Finsthwaite and High Dam
Superb sunny day. They can't get better than this....cold and bright. Just the way we like them.

Went to Newby Bridge for a 6 miler through Great Knott Wood to Finsthwaite. Then up the lovely path beside the beck to High Dam.
On our return we watched Tern leave from Lakeside before a quick walk through the gardens at Fell Foot.

Tern leaves Lakeside. You can see the snow on the top of  Fairfield Horseshoe

Another shot of Tern. This time with Gummer's How in the background.
High Dam
High Dam...again
Finsthwaite Church
Jetties at Fell Foot
From Fell Foot. It was a choppy, but fantastic, day