2nd July 04 - Rosthwaite, Watendlath and Stonewaite

We started this 5-6miler from Rosthwaite in Borrowdale. 
A really steep climb to Belt Knott was followed by an equally steep descent to the beautiful hamlet of Watendlath. Then another steep climb but this time across wetlands where the only route is over miles of stepping stones. We then reached Dock Tarn which would have claim to be one of the most wild and attractive high level tarns I have seen. After more wetlands, we then descended by Willygrass Beck. This was the steepest - 1 in 3 - 1000ft+ descent you are likely to encounter; made even more treacherous by the rain. My legs had turned to jelly by the end!
Then an easy walk along the Cumbrian Way beside Stonethwaite Beck back to Rosthwaite.
A difficult walk. the pouring rain didn't help. But it was very rewarding as the views were superb and Dock Tarn is well worth the effort. (Carol please note - NOT one for you in August!!!) 

Fishermen on Watendlath Tarn
Another climb..
...to Dock Tarn
The fabulous view  from Lingy End of the two valleys - Langstrath and Greenup Gill - separated by the great spur of Eagle Crag
The start of the descent to Stonethwaite Beck (a trib. of River Derwent)
It got steeper and steeper and more and more slippery!